A serious and reliable partner for any handling problem

A passion that has lasted for over 50 years

The company was born in the 50s as an artisan company with the name of BREVETTI LUCAM.
In the 1970s, in addition to various patents and accessories for the Lambretta, a first wheel design was developed and  taking advantage of the boom in agricultural mechanization, Lucam found its main development sector there.
In 1988 now specialized in the wheel sector, the company became TECNORUOTE S.R.L.
Over the years Tecnoruote S.r.l. has gradually faced the generational transition, distinguishing itself for a continuous research and development of new products and new markets which now allow it to export all over the world.

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The wheel for every need

A passion that turns around the wheels

We take care of wheels and everything around them, from consulting, to the design and manufacture of molds, to the prototype preparation and then to production.
We specialize in both small batches and large volumes, following the customer in finding the most suitable solution.

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The solution for your handling problems

Pneumatic wheels, solid rubber wheels, industrial wheels and castors , axles and stub axles, special production, tyres and tubes.

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A serious and reliable partner for any handling problem


Our reference markets

Gardening and public green areas machinery
Lawn mowers, various equipment for the green maintenance, motorized or by hand, golf car, mowers and mulchers.

Our experience at your disposal to study and design the best solution for the evergreen lawn

Soil- working equipment
Soil- working equipment

the most suitable tread pattern for a better footprint or the right traction

Agricultural machinery
equipment for soil preparation, fertilizer spreaders, seeders, hay tedders, rakes, various haymaking machines, round balers, sprayers, irrigation equipment

A very wide range of solutions to help solve handling problems in the agricultural sector.

Transport equipment
trailers, harvesting machines, light and manual transport trolleys, wheelbarrows

Solid, pneumatic, semi-solid wheels and many other proposals for all types of handling for non- high speed use

Industrial machinery and equipment
industrial trolleys, industrial vehicles, sweepers

the solidity of the rims together with the versatility of the proposals of the rubber part allow us to propose a wide range of solutions.

Amusement parks
vehicles for amusement parks, miniquads, minicars

The most versatile and attractive solutions for vehicles and entertainment equipment.

Nautical sector
boat handling trailer, transport and handling trolleys on sand

Various solutions with plastic rims allow us to develop different proposals for handling in a marine environment

Special applications
snowplow vehicles, trolleys for snow guns, special vehicles

Any solution for handling in difficult terrain and extreme conditions